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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Xbox One, Microsoft revealed their brand new console, the Xbox One on May 21rst. The console was greeted with lots of hatred as the event had nothing about gaming. The Console was all about TV and entertainment. With Ps4 impressing gamers all around with the new generation graphics and powerful hardware. It is very hard for Xbox One to win the heart of gamers as an entertainment box. All the Voice Recognition features are great but what people want is a gaming console not an entertainment system.
There are few ways in which Xbox One can make a comeback at E3.

1.    Free Xbox live

With their rivals Sony charging not even a penny for using internet on their console, Microsoft cannot afford charging monthly for Xbox live. It’s about time they give up this practice

2.    Region Locking is a Bad idea

Let’s see with more than 10 reasons for hating the new Xbox One, Region Locking, really? Almost 50% of gamers import games from another country. Region locking will only allow gamers to play games from the country the console was originally bought.

3.Other Factors

With No backwards compatibility and no used games, the console has to be connected once every 24 hours, it now looks like Xbox One Is going to lose the console war. All we can hope for is that Microsoft shows something that can make gamers say, “I have to get this” otherwise, PS4 here we come...